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CDs, magazines & Posters for sale Visual Kei & J-Pop and more!

I am willing to trade items for items :). If you have any Playstation 1, 2 or 3 games, N64 games, Nintendo DS/ Advance, pokemon merchandise or cute stationary that I'd be interested in I'd love to take a look. or if you just want to post items and see if there's anything I'd like feel free.

- All my prices are in USD. if you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
- I can not stress this enough, PLEASE make sure to include paypal fees.
- I only speak English, sorry but I do not speak any other language.
- I can only accept USD.


Autograph items

SID autograph panel (OPI nail polish set next to it for reference of size) $70 or offer your best offer/ negotiable.
-This panel was purchased back from when SID preformed at Anime Central convention in Chicago. It's rather old and has many small scuffs against the plastic (mainly only seen with the flash of my camera). However, the main photo and autographed panel all remain in great condition and I've never taken them out of the frame it came in.

Due le quartz Kazuki, Third Stage autograph board $7 (negotiable)


Run & Gun - FACE [album] 2003/07/16 (out of print- comes with small photo book in picture) $10 $6

Dacco - Himawari [single] $8 $5
Aikaryu - Indigo Blue Story [single] (limited edition) $10 SOLD
Gimmick - Second Opinion [mini album]$8 $5

Maruru - Shikisai Kicho - Nijiiro (single) $6 SOLD
Kra - Shounen Circus $10

Feathers Blue single $6
Irokui mini album $10

PSYCHO LE CEMU Mini albums/ singles
#1 Michi no sora (single) limited edition (with DVD) $12
#2 Prism (mini album) limited edition $20 sold!
#3 Gekiai Merry-Go-Round / Shunkashuutou (single) limited edition (with DVD) $12
#4 Roman Hikō (got personally autographed by Seek) limited edition (with DVD) $30 (or offer your best offer ^^)

The Underneath - moon flower album - $10

DEMO TAPES; two of them are Candy Crunch Speaker, the other one is Vanilla; $5 Each


Alice nine - Number six limited edition (with movie, rare) $25
Dir en grey - Average blasphemy (US edition) - $11 (brand new, has never been opened and still is in plastic)

himitsu kessha CODOMO A DVD- $15

Double sided UVERworld poster $5

Shoxx Nightmare poster $5 (has been hung on my wall at some point. Small tape marks on the back corners)

Cure USA Yoshiki poster $15 (negotiable)

Gackt poster $15 (negotiable) bluray movie placed for scale of poster

Cure An Cafe game board poster $5

MUCC poster (has been hung on my wall at some point, small tape marks on the back corners and small scrape on one or two corners, only visible from back of the poster) $5


Pati Pati $7

Fools Mate $7 each
Shoxx $8 each (almost all of them come with the posters, if you want to make sure feel free to ask)

All Cure & Shoxx $8 each, most of them come with poster

All Cure & Shoxx $8 each, most of them come with poster

Arena 37 C featuring TMR, Miyavi, Dir en grey, Gackt, Daigo Stardust $7

Postcard photobooks; $16 Kisaki basement melody
Phantasmagoria $10 SOLD Kisaki Basement melody still available, comes with DVD :).

If you get two or more of my Johnny's Entertainment things (wink up magazine or my Tackey & Tsubasa CDs for sale). Feel free to let me know if you want these clippings included for free ^^.

Kisaki Project Final Confession limited edition box set (comes with CD, DVD, (card is accidentally bent as show in photo) and is missing the t-shirt. $70 or offer your best offer :).

Thanks for looking!

Please feel free to take a look at anything else I may have for sale on my LiveJournal :). gawfix
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